6-Week Coaching Program

Business Transformation Bootcamp

Take control of your business and unlock its full potential in just 6 weeks!

This bootcamp will guide you through refining your brand, establishing your authority, and expanding your reach.

Wk 1-2: Strategic Planning

  • A detailed plan for your business goals and objectives
  • A powerful, authentic brand narrative
  • Knowledge on creating a complete branding kit with logo variations, colors, and fonts
  • Confidence in your brand’s ability to resonate with your target audience

Wk 3-4: Market Authority

  • Professional branding kit and speaker sheet
  • Strategic website outline that engages and converts visitors
  • Strategies to use your brand and platforms to establish market authority
  • A plan to build a community of brand advocates
  • The importance of having control of your website


Wk 5-6: Expanding Infulential Reach

  • A clear strategy for audience growth and engagement
  • Launching a podcast show on major platforms that funnels your audience
  • Our proven method that reinforces your authority and directs readers to your online platforms
  • A comprehensive plan for hosting an event that amplifies your brand’s presence and impact

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  • Tailored Strategic Planning
  • Gain a clear, actionable roadmap to achieve your vision.  
  • (4) Two-hour sessions for four weeks.
  • Outlining a five-year growth plan.
  • Project management tool.
  • Learn how to use AI.
  • Get organized and be held accountable.